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blogging formal? that's my work monthly report!

With my new job at rumbai sumatra which is I never imagine about what should I do with this new business , I really thankyou for knowing about blogging. Blogging not just about telling something or just share you sadness or happiness to your online diary (that’s what I define about blog for the first time). I am still remember about someone who really inspiring and consistent with his choice about life and how he will survive for his destiny and purpose of life..he answer my silly question ” what are you doing in jakarta and how could you survive just with your hobbies(blogwalking) and you don’t put anything on your blog”.
That man answer me with burn his cigaretes first ” I am a blogger , I am eating from being a blogger but I don’t eat from my blog”.
I know blogging or writing are need a passionate and maturity of writing emotion handling , that’s why he said to me ‘ just writedown what you want to write , never writedown what your mind want”… Confusing with his wise quotes that makes me more currious with blogging.
But , I take more than what I am looking for , when I have to make some report and do some writing conversation , naration report with my so so english vocabulary, street english skill…I just wanna say thankyou for knowing about blogging.

Semakin terpacu menulis dari keypad kecil ini untuk memanaskan ketajaman kosakata karena setiap bulan ” I have to blogging for company monthly report”. Reporting formally with your blogging writing style? Why not…let’s try and feel the different taste of your formal report!!!!

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