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How To Manage Our Email Archive and PST Files

Personal Storage Files(.pst) files are e-mail data files that can be stored locally on your PC or on a network drive. While PST files enable personal storage of e-mail on a local hard disk or network drive, these files are not as reliable for storing e-mail as an e-mail server.

Important Thing :

Never store current or critical data in a PST file.

Please discuss the disadvantages and the appropriate methods of managing PST files with your local support before creating one.

How To Create PST File in MS. Outlook 2007

  1. Open Ms. Outlook
  2. Go to [File] – [Data File Management]
  3. Go to tab [Data Files] – click [Add]
  4. Choose [Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)] – then click [OK]
  5. Type the PST File name (ex. Personal Folders 2009), then click [OK]
  6. Type Again the name to be appear in Ms. Outlook ( it would be better to type the same name ( ex. Personal Folders 2012 ). Then click [OK]
  7. Then click [Close]
  8. You will see your personal folders in your Ms. Outlook
  1. By Default, your PST/Personal Folder Email will be saved in <C:\Users\[YourUserID]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\> folder

How to backup PST Files

  1. Restart your computer, do not open your Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to [Control Panel] – Choose [Classic View] – Then click [Mail]
  1. Click [Data Files]
  2. Now you can see the location of All your PST Files ( in this example it’s 2 files).
  3. Open [Windows Explorer] or [My Computer], then go to your PST Files location.
  1. Now you can copy your PST files to CD or external storage.
  2. Please remember that you cannot copy your PST files when your MS. Outlook is open.


Tips for PST

  1. Keep your PST Files in Local C Drive, if you keep your PST in Network Share Drive, it could slow your Ms. Outlook performance, and sometimes when there is intermittent network problem, your PST files could crash.
  2. Backup regularly your PST Files to a disc/ external Hard Disk (ie. Once a month)
  3. Keep your PST files under 700 MB, so you can burn it to a CD-R disc.

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