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Rino Dezapati, Not Just a Composer

Rino Dezapati identically with Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia, Ethno-Contempo Music Group from Pekanbaru. Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia is a creative place for the figure of the leader in this group. Set of young musicians with tremendous idealism in art is a tangible manifestation of the tradition that is being developed and introduced by the father of one child.

rinodezaSince the age of 5 years to know the music from the couple choreographers and dancers, the art of heavy blood decreased in each imprint playing music begin a tradition of playing a musical instrument guitar. Having followed the Marching Band  Grand Prix experience at Jakarta in 1990 was not satisfied this person who has automotive hobby .

Tells the story of Rino Dezapati, will not escape from the idealism music tradition maintained by Heart and cosmology side tone and blend composition is arranged in the area of musical instruments and modern musical instrument . The strength of a Rino in making a composition is the process of study and observation as well as distribution and involvement of all members of the Indonesian Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia to produce a composition unity of the soul.

Rino Dezapati is the sixth  Akademi Berbagi Pekanbaru Teachers with the topics of “Riau Music Creation”, as part of volunteer of akademi berbagi pekanbaru. From this class,  we know about Rino Dezapati and his BIG DREAMS to Reincarnated PROUD TO CULTURAL MUSIC. We still remember about his message to YOUNG GENERATION  ” Continue to work in cooperation with each other and exchange information, because there will be no restrictions are for a work of art.

Knowing Rino closed when we have a project with PEKANWAK for supporting Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia for their new re-branding and repackaged give me a more time to have a informal discussion about my curiosity for his milestone about cultural music and make it cool for Young Generation and Kick out the old style of cultural music package.

Imagining culture music player, will definitely imagine a figure that using a formal look and follow the old fashion style. Rino started invites to make music of this culture can be accepted by the younger generation starts from the hair, skinheads MOHAWK STYLE, and it is followed by members of the group Rhythm Riau Indonesian Chambers. Believe it or not, in Pekanbaru has a new haircut Lists Hair Style Rhythm“.

Suvarnadvipa, is the current BIG DREAMS of him and Sumatra Historical called “JEJAK SUARA SUVARNADVIPA” . In this project, Rino Dezapati trace Malay cultural phenomenon. In the process Rino confronted by a powerful dichotomy that attract each other. Often we hear the phrase smacks of ethnocentric, such as “… this Malay mainland, which is Coastal”.  Among them lies the distance and a large wall, although both are still Malays.

Here Rino seeks not care and get away from these problems. And actually merge the two. The selection of musical instruments does not necessarily represent one of the ‘axis’ Malay, but treated as an independent instrument of cultural context. This work is the eighth musical image of a simple observation based on the literature and stories about the community Suvarnadvipa Kampar.

Suvarnadvipa is the initial designation for the ancient plains of Sumatra. Epic Ramayana mentions Suvarnadvipa as gold on the plains of Sumatra island. Another version states Suvarnadvipa as a trade destination in the Indian Ocean. When the plains of Sumatra still be one with plain Malay Peninsula, Suvarnadvipa also called covering Thailand and Malaysia. In Sumatra alone, the ranks are stretched along the Bukit Barisan Sumatra island known to contain gold. Suvarnadvipa is the center of the kingdom of Srivijaya.

Suvarnadvipa is the story of the golden age in Sumatra. CommunityRiau Kampar district around Muara Takus have hereditary stories about life in the golden age. Muara community life is very exaggerated. Even mentioned that rice planted golden fruit. Another story called that at about 5 km southwest Barelang temple there is a town called Suvarna City in the language called Koto Kampar Subono. There are ancient dock former alleged former major port Suvarnadvipa.

Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia  tried to present Suvarnadvipa sensation in the form of a musical composition. Of course the works produced is the result of the musical imagination of the composer. But we realize not enough imagination in the process of artistic creativity. Research is simple to guess Suvarnadvipa life traced through oral literature and folklore / folksong that exist in society Kampar.

Based on research conducted  Riau Rhythm, there are at least 25 oral literature which was sung by the people of Kampar. Most of the oral literature of the theme of love. In addition to oral literature, Riau Calempong Rhythm is also explored as a typical instrument of the people of Kampar. Oral literature and techniques Calempong game into a musical foothold in Suvarnadvipa trace.

Rino has its own concerns on cultural music in Riau, Gambus maker is more scarce, Preservation of cultural masterpieces are often found still preserved orally and not documented and passed beyond the line of descent. Such conditions are direct and underlying desire to be musicians and own religion and culture in pekanbaru into guard and preserve the culture of music and the coastal mainland Riau in his works.

A young man who has a strong background riau love of culture has accumulated a minimum of eight young children in Group personnel Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia  that have above average love of music culture and history. Deserves our appreciation to Rino Dezapati with his decision and spirit as well as its contribution to maintaining the ancestral cultural heritage in RIAU.

GOOD LUCK about Your DREAMS with Repertoire of “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa” and The Music Tour 2014, Send The Message from INDONESIA that Our Culture Protecting by YOUNG GENERATION.

EthnoContempo Concert Info

If you are confused sense of three letters behind the name Rino Dezapati MBY, it is not an academic degree, not the degree nobility,
nor is it an acronym: MBY is the name Rino grandfather. Datuk Panglima Bintan MBY a descendant of the son of a choreographer
who has Maestro Riau (late) E Rahim, Father Rino. His father the art of creative blood flowing to Rino and four other siblings. As
the third son, Rino was born December 17, 1977 in Pekanbaru musical skills and composing music owned by Rino awakened from
Dang Merdu studio environment, the formation of the Governor of Riau Arifin Ahmad along E. Rahim, Father Rino.

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