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[TIPS] Keep Windows PC in Peak Performance

Why we have to Keep your computer in peak performanceSteady performance of our personal computer are significant roles for our work which is working with computer environment.

IMG_0031Long time computer usage and many installed application inside our personal computer could make our computer became slower. Focusing on working make us denied and forgotten about simple habit for keep our computer in peak performance.

Let’s do some refreshment about how to keep our computer in peak performance with doing some simple steps as mentioned below :

  • Shutdown Your PC / Laptop Properly
    We need to shutdown the PC immediately but we can’t wait the process so we push the power button for switch off the electrical supply. Those way are effective for specific reason but have a long term effect for our disk drive and bad sector disk drive are the next problem for us.Why those things are restricted ? Because when we are switch off the electrical supply and the disc head are on running position and there are any lost of electrical supply , the head needle probably touch the disk drive head. If scratched much , it will cause bad sector on our disk drive.
  • Always Clean Up your System Drive
    Doing periodically checking to your C drive and cleanup the temporary files. Always make sure System Drive (C : ) have more free space and your minimum size of C Driver not less than 10 GB. Your C drive size and free space of your drive could make your system faster or slower.
  • Periodically empty your Recycle Bin
    If we deleting files or folder using delete button so the files or folder are go to recycle bin first , so when we need those deleted files/folder we could restore from the recycle bin.But recycle bin also take your disk space so we have to empty the recycle bin for more disk free space
  • Close your unnecessary opened Program
    Our computer performance could become slower because so many programs are opened. We could do some check about computer performance with running the task manager program and please click Performance Tab , see the details of CPU Usage and PF usage . The value CPU usage and PF Usage will increase if we are running on heavy program or too many openened program on your PC during one time.
  • Make Sure Our Windows and Anti Virus Updated!!
    Virus are annoying for our PC performance , it could make us do reimage our PC if their effects are so harmfull. So we could make some preventive things with always make sure our automatic updates for antivirus and windows are available. So we always protected with the newest version of security and Virus database are updated
  • Do Scan Disk Periodically
    Scandisk are process for prevents our hard drive from crash and defragted our file structure position . So please do it periodically so it will make our disk drive have a longer lifetime
  • Back Up Your DATA!!
    Doing backup process and frequently backup our data with physically use external Disk Drive , Zip disk, CD-RW etc.

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